Infant Health Care

infant being held by doctorInfants have one main language for communicating with their parents: crying. While infants learn and express more emotions as they grow older, crying is their main go-to for hunger, pain, confusion, a dirty diaper, waking up in the morning or the middle of the night. Crying is the only real response they know how to use and can make it difficult to understand what the infant needs; especially when the infant is sick.

Since infants are incapable of describing the pain they may be experiencing, seeking a professional specialist in the field of pediatrics is the most effective option to help determine the health issue. A pediatrician will be able to understand and interpret an infant’s signs better than a general doctor. At Stages Pediatrics, PC, we have the skills and knowledge to treat children and provide the necessary care to ensure that the child continues to grow up healthy.

Well Baby Exam

We provide patients with Well Baby Exams to help ensure that their child is growing up healthy and strong. While some parents may only think one appointment is necessary, we may recommend several throughout the infant’s childhood, following specific milestones.

Parents will be able to remain up to date on their child’s health and that the child is continuing to grow up in a healthy state. During the exams, we will also administer vaccinations against potentially fatal diseases once we have the parent’s consent. During a Well Baby Exam visit, we will check a variety of factors:

  • Check the baby’s weight, length and head circumference
  • Ask about how easy the baby can latch onto the breast for feeding
  • If the mother wants to consider bottle feeding
  • How many bowel movements the baby has per day
  • If the newborn sleep 18 hours per day or less than that
  • What is the baby’s level of focus?
  • Go over routine care
  • Review any other concerns the parents have

At least one or both parents will be present during the procedure and can ask any questions they might have. We will also go over proper care methods for the child’s health and any conditions the child has. When it comes to raising a child, having parents that know what to expect and how to prepare for certain milestones can make a positive difference on the child’s health.

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Under the direction of Dr. Clotilde Peña and Dr. Rosa Gamundi, our team can help to comprehend and provide care for a variety of health issues an infant can contract.

Ear Infections

Ear infections usually occur following a cold and are not too complex to treat. Regardless, ear infections are painful and cause irritation on what doctors refer to as the middle ear. The middle ear connects the ears, nose, and throat together.

However, it can be difficult to detect in an infant early on due to the inability to describe the symptoms. Signs that an infant has an ear infection can include:

  • The baby seems more fussy than normal
  • The infant cries more often than normal
  • The infant constantly tugs at the infected ear
  • Loss of appetite
  • More difficulty sleeping (Than what is normal for the baby)
  • Fever
  • Fluid draining from the ear

While it is important to seek our team for a professional opinion, most ear infections can dissipate on their own in about three days without the need for medication or antibiotics. However, for most infants, antibiotics may be the best option. If your infant has an ear infection, we recommend calling our practice at 212-923-5050. We will schedule an appointment and determine what the best next step is for the child’s health.

A Constant Provider of Pediatric Healthcare

By continuing to take your child to Stages Pediatrics, PC, we can provide the same level of high-quality care each time your child needs it while also establishing a common place of care for the child. This way, the child will begin to build a positive relationship with the idea of visiting the doctor and receive the necessary healthcare.

We can also establish relationships with the child and parents, to help build trust and understanding between each other. At Stages Pediatrics, PC, we understand how important a child’s health is to their growth and have the necessary skills to help ensure a healthy life.